Digitizing assets, processes and financial services..

Cuore is a platform made to empower all financial agents by providing a full digital operational hub based on top notch technologies .

Closing your deals at your most convenience

Saving time and money in an effortless, secured and easy way.
With the services provided by Cuore platform, you, your company, your clients and partners can close your contracts in a 100% digital way. No more need for printing copies, ink signing, courriers, notaries and physical storage.
How about doing all these steps without leaving your table? And also get rid of your printer? Even better, do not have to wait so long for all signers return physical copies signed? Sounds like a dream, doesn't it?
Cuore platform just made this come true!
We offer your business access to legally recognized technologies such as electronic signatures, ICP Brazil digital signature, digital notarization in addition to a state-of-the-art technology for encrypted document guard.
Closing a deal when using our platform, is a matter of some simply steps: upload your PDF file, choose a type of digital signature and identify the signers, choose the additional services you need to add and just send the documents to the workflow... It’s unbelievable how just a few clicks can replace that time consuming process. Oh, and all the signers receive the document at the speed of an email, and can sign anywhere they are even through their smartphones *
With Cuore, the digital revolution is not just buzz expression, but actually a service at reach of everyone.
*depending on the type of signing and provider selected

Using the platform, step by step:

Step 1- Log in

Step 2- Upload your PDF file

Step 3 - Choose the type of e-signature you want on your document

Step 4 - Input all signers information and send the file

Step 5 - click the Notary icon to send and get back your document notarized by a accredited notary

Step 6 - Vault your notarized signed document on a secured encrypted environment provided by the platform

Some use cases:

-Service level Agreement and other service providing related documents
-Shareholder and other governance meetings' resolutions
-Promissory notes and other financial instruments issuance
-Non disclosure agreements
-Buy and Sell related documents

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